St. Joseph Mercy Hospital GPR Conduit Locating Project

A common call for GPRS services is to check concrete slabs and walls for embedded electrical conduits. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan had just a need as they were running new pipes throughout the hospital. The new pipe route required the contractors on site to drill up to 20-inch diameter holes through an existing 12-inch thick concrete wall. Neither the hospital nor the contractors knew for sure if electrical conduits or other piping was placed in the concrete wall to be drilled through.

The process of drilling through a concrete wall without using a ground penetrating radar service can be risky. The hospital recently experienced a scare when electrical conduits were encountered on a previous project that required core drilling though a concrete wall. It was by pure luck that nobody got hurt and the electrical wires were not damaged. It is better to not assume in this case than to risk the dangers.

In this case GPRS was able to clear the holes for drilling and provide confidence to the contractors that no electrical conduits or other lines were in the area of drilling. GPRS was able to mobilize on short notice in order for the project to move forward without delay.

John Kessinger runs operations in Michigan and can be reached at (734) 377-4551 or by email at