Locating Electrical Conduits at Hospital

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was recently hired by a Detroit area hospital to help locate electrical conduits or other unknown obstructions prior to saw cutting. Multiple areas of concrete floor were to be saw cut in order to repair a broken unit located in the mechanical room. Without any accurate site plans of what was in, or just below the concrete floor, the contractor decided to hire GPRS. The above pictures illustrate the multiple conduits that were located with GPR, all of which were located within the 6” concrete slab.


GPR is a great tool to locate conduits and reinforcement within concrete slabs. It can save time and money in costly repairs as well as prevent injuries or even death from live electrical lines. Non-destructive testing is a great way for facilities to find electrical line prior to any concrete coring or saw-cutting. For more information about Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan capabilities, please contact Matt Johnson at matt.johnson@gprsinc.com or (248) 917-1763.