GPRS Scanning Metal Decking

When a Michigan based electrical contractor needed to check for conduits in a metal pan deck slab at Somerset Collections in Troy, Michigan, they called Ground Penetrating Radar System, LLC. Prior to core drilling, they needed a safe and effective way to help eliminate the possibility of coring through a conduit and shutting off power to the stores throughout the mall. GPRS was able to mobilize to the site and scan the areas using GPR and radio detection.

There were a total of four different locations on two levels and each area was located in an electrical closet. The picture to the right shows one of the locations that was scanned. The high peaks and low valleys in the metal decking were marked directly onto the surface. We also marked out the wire mesh running through the slab (6” centers). Along with using GPR, we also used a radio detection device which we scanned the area for any live power. All locations were drilled successfully.

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