GPRS Of Michigan Uses Thermal Imaging To Locate Pex Tubing

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan recently visited a local college to locate pex tubing/radiant heat lines within an elevated concrete slab. A general contractor working at the university had plans to core drill multiple holes through the concrete slab for new drainage, but could not take the risk of core drilling through one of these lines. The project manager on site was able to scan the multiple potential areas where the contractor wanted to put the new drainage quickly and accurately. The information provided by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan allowed the contractor to determine the best course of action without damaging any ice melt lines.


Thermal imaging is an excellent way to locate pex tubing/radiant heating lines. Thermal scanning technology has the capability of detecting temperature differences up to .1 degree Celsius. This allows GPRS to accurately locate any thermal disturbances in the area. Heat scanning is a service that can be completed quickly and accurately by Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan’s trained project managers. To learn more about the services that GPRS of Michigan can provide, please contact your local GPRS office at or (248) 917-1763.