GPRS Locates Private Utilities For Power Company

A general contractor working at a Detroit Edison facility in Michigan recently contacted GPRS to help locate private utilities that one call services would not locate. The contractor was installing a new security fence at the entrance of a parking lot along with a new card reader and camera. Installing the new conduits for this system required the excavation of a trench along the front of the property and up to the building. Any underground utilities in the path of the trench needed to be located prior to this excavation.


Ground Penetrating Radar Systems performed the required utility locating services throughout the area where the trench was to be excavated. A GPR survey and other utility locating methods were used to determine the locations and depths of any buried utilities in this area, including water lines, electrical conduits, and storm sewers. The GPR system is capable of detecting the metallic and PVC pipes used for many types of utilities. The locations of all utilities were marked at the site, allowing this trench to be dug without damaging any existing utilities.

Matt Johnson is the regional manager for GPRS operations throughout the state of Michigan. He can be reached by phone at (248) 917-1763 or by email at