GPR Systems of Michigan Locates Plumbing and Electrical Lines at Hospital

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan recently assisted on a project near Ann Arbor, Michigan at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. A general contracting firm was renovating two different suites in the hospital to become new CT scan rooms. There were multiple cores that needed to be drilled for new plumbing and electrical lines. The contractor’s main concern was shutting part of the hospital down because a conduit was hit while drilling. GPRS was hired to use Ground Penetrating Radar technology to scan around each coring location in search for any conduits or other obstructions prior to drilling. This project consisted metal decking. The image to the right shows a conduit running on top of the metal decking. We have also indicated the high and low sections of the metal deck. Out of the multiple locations that were scanned, an electrical conduit would have been hit in three locations if GPRS was not hired.

The concrete sonar technology that GPRS of Michigan uses allows for quick and accurate assessment of concrete. The trained and certified project managers can interpret and map data of the surface of concrete and review those findings with the project manager to ensure the data is clear and concise. The non-destructive test allows contractors to avoid any possible dangers in the concrete or soil to ensure the project continues without delays. The concrete imaging technology did not interfere with the other workers in the area because it does not emit any harmful radiation.

The cost to have Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan come out and locate your private utilities or perform concrete imaging is much less than having to replace a severed utility or electrical conduit. If your company would like to avoid unnecessary change orders, contact your local project manager today at (734) 377-4551 or to get a quote or set up a lunch and learn presentation.