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GPR Scanning for Underground Storage Tank

Determining any potential environmental liability is incredibly important when looking into purchasing land which was formerly used for manufacturing or industry. Underground storage tanks (UST) which were abandoned in place can be a significant environmental hazard and discovering an unexpected UST can lead to a costly removal and cleanup. A GPR survey can determine whether any underground storage tanks remain in place from former site usage, and can often identify excavations where USTs had been removed. This information can be extremely valuable to a potential purchaser or developer.

GPR_Scanning_For_ Underground_Storage_Tank_Radar_Scan_Dexter_Michigan.png

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was recently hired by AKT Peerless Environmental and Energy to perform a GPR survey in search for any existing underground storage tanks prior to listing this facility on the market for sale. As the site photo and data image illustrate, GPRS was able to locate a large UST on the property. Our findings were marked directly onto the surface and a follow-up report was created for future references. This information will allow any potential buyers to make an informed decision and avoid incurring unexpected liability.

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