GPR Scan to Locate Conduits Prior to Saw Cutting

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, LLC. was contacted by a general contractor to help locate conduits running in or just below the concrete slab in Eastpointe, Michigan. Plans were to saw cut a small trench around the perimeter of a mechanical room inside an elementary school to install a crock and new drainage lines. In order to even attempt at saw cutting the floor, the contractor needed valuable information on the location and depth of each conduit to prevent injury and damages.


Ground Penetrating Radar is often used for this type of work. GPRS specializes in locating electrical conduits and other types of utilities below the concrete. GPR is not hazardous to occupant/tenant health and is extremely accurate. GPR can also provide depth to the top of the conduit discovered to ensure that the saw blade passes directly over the conduits, without damaging it. GPRS mobilized to the site using their 1600MHz antenna to survey the trench lines. All of our findings were marked directly onto the surface with red paint. The contractor was limited in areas that could be saw cut (conduits were located in the concrete) however, they were very pleased no conduits were damaged in the process.

Matt Johnson is a Regional Manager of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems throughout the entire state of Michigan. Please contact Matt at (248) 917-1763 or to learn more about ground penetrating radar and how GPRS, LLC. of Michigan can assist you with your project.