Embedded Conduits And Tension Cables Located

Anytime there is a need to conduct floor penetrations inside a building, it’s important to have information as to what is embedded in the concrete slab. A contractor doesn’t want to mistakenly drill through conduits or tension cables. The more information that can be provided as to what is embedded in the slab, the better the plan of attack can be.


A general contractor had a project inside a major University in Ann Arbor, MI where they had to drill numerous core holes on two separate levels of the building. The purpose was to connect new duct work to both floors for heat & air conditioning. The contractor seen exposed section of the elevated slab above & could see there were tension cables used to construct building. They also noticed some conduits had been embedded in the concrete slab. Prior to penetrating the slab, it was important the contractor had as much information as possible to what else was embedded in the concrete slab. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was contacted to scan the floors using GPR & Radio Detection to mark any obstructions prior to drilling. GPRS utilized a 1600 MHz high resolution GPR antenna to scan the floors. They were able to mark any tension cables & conduits directly on the slab to ensure the contractor could see plain as day to what obstacles they had prior to drilling. With all the information needed to proceed, the project details could get ironed out as to the plan of attack.

GPRS uses the latest technology in GPR & Radio Detection to provide real time results. This allows projects to continue without further hesitation. To learn more about the capabilities of Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, contact Regional Manager Thaddeus Bullock at (734) 377-4551 or thaddeus.bullock@gprsinc.com. You can also visit our "Contact Us" page.