Conduits Located At Military Facility

Prior to saw cutting concrete floors, it’s important to have as much information as possible as to what lies beneath the surface. A lot of times during construction of buildings, conduits, and other utilities will be placed in the actual concrete or just beneath the concrete. Sometimes as-built drawings of the utilities and their locations are inaccurate due to the shifting of utilities during the actual pour of the concrete slab. Plus, during construction plans change that may cause a utility to have to be rerouted without documentation of its location. This type of situation occurred for a project inside a military facility in Detroit, MI.


A contractor had to saw cut the floor during the demolition of an existing space. They needed to know if any existing utilities were embedded in the concrete floor or just beneath the floor. The contractor couldn’t afford to have any existing utilities compromised during the process. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan was contacted to conduct a GPR investigation of the floor to locate any subsurface utilities prior to saw cutting. GPRS was able to scan the different rooms with a 1600 MHz high-resolution antenna. They marked the locations and paths of existing conduits passing through the proposed areas directly on the surface. GPRS when finished with the investigation, communicated with the contractor to ensure understanding of the markings.

The applications used by GPRS provides safe, cost efficient, and real-time results. For more information, contact Regional Manager of Michigan, Thaddeus Bullock at (734) 377-4551 or You can also visit our "Contact Us" page.