Concrete Scanning Project Prior To Saw Cutting

Determining the paths of conduits or any other sub-surface obstructions is essential prior to saw cutting concrete floors. By knowing where the utilities are located it can help make the job get completed with a much smoother process. Ground Penetrating Radar & Radio Detection are both excellent tools to perform the task of locating utilities when a trained professional is operating the equipment.

An electrical contractor had a project inside a department store in Livonia, MI where they had to saw a concrete floor to install new electrical service. The scope of work called for them to connect to existing electrical to power the new feeds. It was unknown as to the paths of the existing electrical beneath the concrete. Prior to saw cutting, the contractor contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Michigan to locate the existing electrical feeds & any other utilities. A trained GPRS project manager was able to scan the floors within an hour & mark the existing electrical conduits directly on the surface. They then explained there markings in detail so the contractor understood fully of where the conduits were heading. The information provided by GPRS was invaluable to getting the project completed in a timely fashion & in a safe manner.

GPRS provides answers to questions as to what lies beneath the surface. For your next subsurface project in the Ann Arbor & Detroit areas, contact Regional Manager Thaddeus Bullock at (734) 377-4551 or