Concrete Scanning before Saw Cutting in Ann Arbor, MI

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems (GPRS) was recently hired to complete a concrete scanning job for saw cutting at a local University in its maintenance service garage. A regional contractor called GPRS to come out and scan an area to be saw cut in order to remove an old hoist and replace it with a newer and more heavy-duty hoist. Adjacent to the saw cut area were multiple electrical panels with various conduits entering the slab. This setting created a potentially hazardous situation where electrical conduits could be severed during the saw cut process, causing injuries, stoppage of work, or increased costs to the contractors and University. GPRS was hired to help avoid these hazardous scenarios by scanning the concrete for any conduits or other unknown utilities that may be in the way of the saw blade.

Upon arrival on site, the GPRS project manager (PM) met with the contractor and conducted a walk though of the area of interest. The PM outlined the scan boundaries and gave a brief description of procedures and limitations. From there, the PM began the scanning process by using the EM Pipe Locator to ring clamp the adjacent conduits. The PM traced the conduits out and marked the ones that entered the scan area. After active locating was completed, the PM used the GPR equipment. Scanning of the area was performed in a grid pattern. Some diagonal crosses were also performed to check for utilities installed at angles. The investigation of the saw cut area revealed a concrete slab on grade that was 7”-8” thick with wire mesh reinforcement. The scanning identified numerous conduits/pipes running through the area of interest, both in the slab and just below the slab. To be thorough, The EM Pipe Locator was also used in passive mode in the area of interest to sweep for any utilities that were not accessible from the surface or identifiable using ground penetrating radar. One potential line was identified in passive mode within the scan area and was marked out for reference to the contractor. After the use of multiple technologies, concrete scanning was finished, and all findings were communicated to the contractors.

In this case, the decision to hire GPRS allowed the contractor to be confident and worry-free in their saw cutting project. The area was cleared of utilities and important information such as slab thickness was discovered. The utilities identified were clearly marked on the concrete with approximate depths, giving the contractor a good visual reference to work with. Overall, GPRS was able to perform a vital service to a local company and helped to limit their risk of damage.

GPRS does not provide geophysical, geological, land surveying or engineering services. If you need such services, please contact an appropriate professional.